Origin of the dog "pepper"




    In September 2021, a friend informed me that a puppy was about to be abandoned. According to his information, the puppy was a young Alaskan Malamute experiencing leg problems, making it unable to walk normally. The previous owner took her to see veterinarians, and while most said the condition was untreatable, a few suggested that a significant amount of money could be spent on surgery, which might bring about some improvement. The high cost of surgery and treatment became a barrier for the original owner, preventing him from continuing to care for the dog.

    Therefore, he inquired online if anyone would be willing to adopt her. If no one stepped forward, the poor puppy would either become a stray or be euthanized.

(The picture is of pepper- 30 days old)

    Through a video call with the original owner, I had my first encounter with Pepper. Despite the leg issues, Pepper appeared to be a very adorable dog, exuding a cheerful and enthusiastic demeanor. Having had a fondness for animals since childhood and a desire to have a pet, which I couldn't fulfill due to working abroad, I didn't want to let go of this cute little dog. Consequently, I expressed my willingness to adopt Pepper to the original owner.

    Because my family name is Hu, I named her Hu Jiao, so Pepper in English.

(The picture is an adoption picture posted online)







Take my girl home!

(Photo of when I pick up the pepper, she was very happy)



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Love at first sight: Upon seeing her for the first time, I decided to adopt and heal her