Trolley Case Woven Cat Carrier with Wheels

【 Three-dimensional ample space 】 Lie down freely, with a widened and raised design, which can accommodate 2-3 cats simultaneously. Turn or move easily without pressure
【Pure Handmade】Handwoven, with a minimalist aesthetic. Made by the Gong family's ancient rattan weaving family, it makes traveling with cats no longer awkward and more casual and exquisite
【 Pushable and Livable 】 Multiple uses, with smooth extension and retraction of the lever, allowing users to switch between shopping malls, supermarkets, travel, and camping at any time according to different scenarios, making it easy to travel
【 Design Concept 】 This is a retro rattan woven pet trolley bag full of "natural atmosphere." The ample internal space can accommodate 25 pounds of cats and small dogs, creating a breathable and comfortable outdoor environment. It is placed in any corner of the home, making the home more interesting, retro, and cute. Let the city life of the four-legged beasts return to recklessness and nature
【 Five universal wheels 】Upgrade to a "5 wheel" soft tone universal wheel, with a gentle push to move forward and out on your own, making it both light and effortless

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$ 56.00
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Material: PE rattan
Capacity: Pets within 12.5KG
Size: 48*30*45cm
Weight: 4.5kg