Pepper Pet Vacuum-sealed Automatic Pet Feeder

1.Experience the future of pet feeding with our FreshLock Technology! Our -25Kpa vacuum sealing creates a protective environment, shielding food from oxidation, mold, and pests. Say goodbye to stale meals, and treat your pets to consistently fresh, flavorful bites.

2.Unlock the full potential of your pet's nutrition! Our vacuum-sealed feeder acts as a shield, ensuring each meal retains its essential nutrients. No more compromise – with Optimal Nutrition Shield, your pets enjoy meals rich in goodness, promoting their health and vitality.

3.Bid farewell to worries about pests infiltrating your pet's food! Our vacuum-sealed feeder provides Pest-Proof Assurance, creating an inhospitable environment for bugs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing every meal is untouched by unwanted guests, keeping your pets safe and satisfied.

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$ 199.00
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Care your pet health!
Vacuum sealing prevents oxidation, no desiccants for hassle-free, fresh meals.